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It was hearing about my ancestors who were ‘free settlers’ according to family lore when I was a child, that set me on the path of family history over 20 years ago, It turned out that those free settlers I had heard talked about by family members, were in fact the First Fleet Convicts Henry Kable & Susannah Holmes. Back then having convicts in the family didn’t have the prestige it does today it was very much denied or covered up.


I am passionate about family history, finding out about how our ancestors lived, what happened to them during their lives, I am also a mother and grandmother, and know the importance of passing on the stories of those who came before us.


Over the years I have undertaken research for both family & friends. In 2015 I assisted the Canungra RSL as their Genealogist for the website ‘Canungra Answered the Call‘.

These are some of the photos from my dad’s album that I have been able to put names to..

Alex Reid Left and John Reid Centre and unknown Dundee WW1
My great uncles Alexander left & John centre (with an unknown mate) who went to war in 1915.
Reid Family, Dundee Circa 1908
Reid Family Circa 1908. My great grandparents Henry & Amelia in front with my grandmother Margaret,back row second from the right.
May Reid, Dundee Scotland 1940
My great aunt May Reid, a bit of a character I have since found out after meeting lost cousins who new her, she owned and ran her own confectionery shop in Dundee, Scotland.

All these family members were long gone before I was born, but through my research, I have been able to piece together some of their stories. I was very fortunate in 2014 to have been given the opportunity to visit my great grand parents grave at Balgay Cemetery, Dundee Scotland. My dad never got to meet his grandparents so this was a pilgrimage for him.

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